Born into an artistec family, Olivia Gray was soon to take up a creative career. Still in her teens she decided to go to London and studied at the Cambridge University to get  herself a degree in English Literature.

With this background she enrolled at the C.A.F.A.D. (Central  Academy  Of Film Art And Drama)  in  London  which  she left  with the finishing diploma. She also got more and more involved in songwriting and worked as well  as a session vocalist, since music has played an important role from childhood onwards. It was during a recording session that Producer Willy Viteka – impressed by Olivia’s voice – decided to record some demos.

Together with some outstanding musicians like Terry Britten, Alan Tarney, Graham Jarvis, Nigel Jenkins, Anthony Clark, Ian Lynn, Jerry Stevenson, John Earle and Tony Jackson – all known for their excellent work with Tina Turner, Cliff Richard, Paul Young, A-ha,  Sheena Easton, U-2, Brian Ferry, Bruce Hornsby and many others she recorded a whole string of international successes.

Olivia has come a long way in her musical career and looks back on 10 English albums, two in Spanish, two in Swiss-German and three albums with childrens’ songs.

Amongst her greatest hits we find „Raining in my heart“, „In the morning light“, „Nobody wants to be lonely“, „Te quiero“ and the long-running success „Es bitzeli Liebi“ (A little bit of love) which has sold over 40’000 copies.
The fact that famous artists such as Telly Savalas alias „Kojac“, Milva, Francesco Napoli , Paco Aguilera or Los Bravos – who had a worldwide hit in the sixties with „Black is Black“ – have recorded her songs, is also evidence of Olivia’s songwriting talent.

For the new album of Los Bravos she has written all songs with the exception of „Black is Black“ and also sings two duets with lead singer Mike Kennedy.

Olivia proved herself as a live artist in her charismatic appearances at some of the world’s leading Song-Festivals such as in Japan, Korea, Ireland or Chile where she performed no less than on three occasions.

Her variety of styles is acclaimed by an audience far beyond our
boundaries, across Spain to Latin-America, where the singer-songwriter
has achieved remarkable success.

In combination with the fact that Spain is Olivia’s second residence,
explains her affinity to the language and Latin influences.

Olivia recorded her two new albums, one in English and one in Spanish with producer Xavi Puig in Spain. The singles „Te Quiero“, a catchy latin-pop song with hot guitar riffs a la Carlos Santana, as well as „Mueve Mueve“, a dancy mixture of latin and reggaeton, are both refreshing and full of joy of life and latin temperament.

The followed up power ballad „Tu amor esta en mi“ evokes feelings, emotions, longing and ardent desire. This unusual and captivating lovesong was visually transformed into a video with sensously, and stylishly composed images.

Olivia’s other great passions – dancing and painting –were also integrated to complete this audivisual portrait.

Olivia has recorded her new songs for her album „Release my soul“ with the exceptional musician & producer Xavi Puig (Worked for José Carreras, Ultimo de la Fila, Luis Llach, Paco Aguilera and more). Two songs were produced by Urs Wiesendanger (DJ Bobo) and two furhter songs and remixes by Sergio Fertitta (Snoop Dog, Coolio, Jermaine Jackson, Bligg etc. Two singles have already been released , „Rhythm of your love“ of which a captivating video has been produced and two different version of the song „Lay your love on me“ – a melodic ballad and a remix R&B version, both with video clips.

The new english album „Release my soul“ contains no less than 20 songs, which show great variation and variety in musical arrangements and moods.

Versatility, originality, imaginative arrangements, captivating songs and a personal distinctive voice are some of the distinctive characteristics of singer-songwriter Olivia Gray. Her emotional and sensitive personality, her authentic songwriting and interpretation, according to their lyrics and moods – light-hearted, sensous, seductive, pensive or vulnerable –touch and convince her listeners.